Are you getting enough vitamin D?

And the answer is probably not, on my recent quest to become more health conscious and live a healthier lifestyle I've recently been looking into dietary supplements (some may find…


The low down on dried fruit!

I've been eating quite a lot of dried fruit recently but whilst chomping down on a bag of dried pineapple i wondered how healthy is dried fruit? Dried fruit has…

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Quote of the week

So I'm finally back on track with the quotes of the week! I hope you've all had an amazing weekend! My goals for this week are to get back in…


Quote of the week!

Now I'm aware I'm a bit late with the quote of the week seeing as though it's now Thursday but I thought better late than never! It's a simple yet…


Juice drinks- the low down

I've been a big fan of vitamin bursting juice drinks for the past few months, with a variety of flavours packed with tonnes of added vitamins and minerals you feel…


New year!

Can you believe we are now in 2019!! Feels like 2018 has flown by! Many ups and downs as with every year but the good always outweighs the bad. I…


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