What is Fi fuels fitness? 💙

Join me on my journey to a fitter and healthier lifestyle! Throughout my blog i’ll be posting tried and tested recipes, open and honest product reviews tried and tested by yours truly! Expanding your knowledge for health and fitness with my weekly the fealthy scoop posts full of useful, bite-sized information. and sharing with you my workout plans all whilst trying to motivate and inspire you at the same time! So if you’re looking to improve your health/fitness or just want inspiration this blog is for you!

A Little bit about me 💙

I’m Fi hence the name Fi fuels fitness, I’m 21, I have a bit of an addiction to animals with an unhealthy obsession with my dog! my ‘real job’ is working as a veterinary nurse but my passion is for fitness and motivation! I love motivating people, seeing people’s mindset changing and getting healthier in the process, there is no better feeling! So join me on this journey!

Get in touch! 💙

For any enquires, questions or just for a general chat please email me on: fifuelsfitness@yahoo.com