Why you need to check out Just Strong

Just before I start this blog post I wanted to wish everyone an amazing Easter! I hope you’ve all enjoyed lots of chocolate and time with your loved ones! I let myself have a few cheat days this weekend and i’m already feeling it

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Turn back to a few months ago, I was scrolling through Instagram trying to find some new gym clothes to buy.

I noticed quite a few people recommending a brand called Just Strong, upon clicking on their account it became apparent that they are one seriously awesome brand!

Not only do they produce some amazing gym apparel but there message behind the clothing is brilliant! I went ahead and bought my first set of gym gear from them and I was not disappointed! Where do I start

Those Leggings!

I’ve tried quite a lot of gym leggings in the past varying from cheap to stupidly expensive! I always look for comfort with a bit of style but most importantly it has to feel like a second skin!

there’s nothing worse than having gym leggings that rub and irritate your legs whilst your trying to workout! Just strong leggings are definitely like second skins! Not only are they squat proof! but they are quite thick which is amazing if your out running in the cold weather!

Although they are thick they allow your skin to breathe and not once have I felt sweaty in them!

The T-shirt

To start off with I just purchased one t-shirt. I chose the black with white Just Strong logo on the front (as seen below). My main focus with T-shirts are that they are breathable and wicks sweat that’s my main focus.

Not only is the t-shirt super comfy but it fits just perfectly allowing me to be able to lift weights without feeling restricted. Again not once have I felt sweaty in this shirt even after a good 40 minute run in the amazing Easter heatwave!

And i’ve not even got to the best part! Most gym clothing is quite expensive and sometimes you end up paying top wack for something that isn’t even worth it! For the price of the clothing the quality really is amazing, the t-shirt especially really surprised me as it feels like it’s worth a lot more than it costs!

Discount code

Since making my purchase I have since become a brand ambassador for Just Strong!! Want to purchase any Just Strong clothing? Use my code FIKEVAN10 for 10% any purchases in the Just Strong range! I promise you won’t regret it!


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