How to smash your healthy eating goals!

So you want to start eating healthy but where do you start? This was me 4 months ago when I first started out, confused, sifting through mounds of information half of which wasn’t even true! To trying to avoid those cupcakes that are calling you from the staff room (we’ve all been there!!). Firstly I think it’s important to mention that when trying to live a healthy lifestyle don’t cut out everything you love! It’s all about enjoying it in moderation. By cutting out all the good foods that you absolutely love not only are you going to crave them more but you’ll probably end up binging on them. (Speaking from experience!)

Find a calorie tracker

Find a good calorie tracker and stick with it, As mentioned in my previous post My Fitness Pal is a great FREE tracker and is so simple to use! Just input your weight and ideal weight goals and it will tell you how many calories you can consume in a day! Trust me you’ll be surprised at how much you can eat without going off your calorie goal!

Set a goal and stick with it!

I think it’s super important that you set small realistic goals and work from there! By setting a preliminary goal for example eating 4 pieces of fruit and veg a day compared to the 1 piece you usually eat means that your not setting achievable goals that could knock your progress and make you fall off the bandwagon! Have a ultimate goal in mind like the ideal weight you want to be or the body shape you want to achieve. Having that ultimate goal in the back of your mind can keep you motivated and allows you to push yourself on the hard days (we all have them).  Set a time limit for certain goals so that it gives you that extra push!

Keep yourself motivated!

Find ways to motivate yourself and use them daily! For me listening to music and having a bunch of motivational quotes around me keep me pushing myself every week, if you don’t have that motivation what is going to keep you going?

Don’t be hard on yourself

So you’ve eaten that piece of chocolate cake, so what? You need to remind yourself that it’s all in moderation, just think it could be worse you could have eaten the whole cake! On a serious note allow yourself treats, you’ll enjoy them a lot more and you won’t feel as guilty for eating them! Every day is a new opportunity to smash those goals so tomorrow’s a new day to eat better and forget about the rubbish you ate yesterday!!

How do you smash your healthy eating goals?

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  1. Your point about moderation and realistic goals is so important. It’s easy to get discouraged and give up when you try to change to much too fast! I try to make the same point about saving money over on my blog. It may seem like slower progress but you usually get farther ahead in the end!

  2. Thank you for these motivation tips! Days especially when working you just can’t help but pig out !!!!!! This is deffo saved in my book marks !

    Love Nat x

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