Mental health and the outdoors!

As someone who suffers with anxiety I know how difficult it can be to face even the simplest of daily challenges, I’m very fortunate that I’ve got an excellent support group of family and friends to help cheer me up when times are low but I know there are lots of people out there that don’t have that support network.

Now as some of my readers might know I’ve got the greatest support team of all time! My best friend and someone who always listens to me even when I’m chatting all sorts of crap! And that someone is Rascal my 9 year old cavalier king Charles spaniel! Now you may be wondering where this story is going. But rascal gets me out of the house every single day…… without fail! On my crappiest days at work where I just want the planet to stop so I can get off, I can’t. I know I have to take him out (no one and i mean NO ONE can resist those puppy eyes) As soon as where out the house I’m talking to fellow dog walkers and I’m usually submersed in some form of countryside or woodlands!

I honestly didn’t realise the full effect being outdoors had on your metal health until I started reading articles and studies that had been published showing actual facts that it does actually benefit us! It has been shown that spending just 20-30 minutes outdoors can reduce cortisol levels and stress levels! I know for sure that going for a long walk after a stressful day at work certainly leaves me feeling calmer and less wanting to rip someones head off!

Our generation is constantly on the go, checking out social media every 5 minutes and always comparing ourselves to others! (I’m definitely a major culprit) but by constantly spending times on our phones or watching the TV it never allows the mind to fully switch off. Our minds need a break to just revert back to normal life, allowing us to process thoughts and feelings from the day. Having a 10 minute walk allows the brain to do just that!

Not only does getting out in the outdoors improve our metal health but also our physical health! I know in the past I’ve talked about getting that endorphin ‘high’ from running but you can get the same experience just through taking a walk! Being outdoors has also been shown to elevate our mood and improve our self-esteem. Even if you aren’t much of a walking fan just think of how many calories you’ve burnt and how much ice cream or chocolate you can eat cosying in front of the TV later on!

So get out there! Even if it’s just once a week I promise you’ll be feeling the benefits!! Feel free to get in touch via either my social media links or email!

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  1. It can be so hard to actually get outside some days can’t it – We went on a lovely walk the other day – So many benefits of the air and just walking round – It was so relaxing and nice just to be away from electric, walk with the kids and just have a chat.

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