My protein workout leggings- review

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone has a great week, I’ve been hitting the gym more often than I used to which means I need more gym wear! Everyone loves a good shopping spree right? These past few months I’ve been wearing My Protein gym leggings, I was slightly apprehensive at first due to the price of the leggings (£20.99) They often do discounts during each month (I’ll share the link down below) I got two pairs for £24!! Lets face it everyone wants a good deal and gym leggings can be so expensive!!

One of my main factors when picking gym leggings is the durability and price! I was surprised how durable the leggings are, I’ve been wearing them for roughly two months now and they still look as new as the day I got them! The two toned colour pattern also means you get more of a figure and it really extenuates your butt (bonus!!) I would recommend them to pretty much everyone! or the price they really are a good deal, They are really comfy yet the stretchy fabric makes them breathable so no horrible sweat marks for you!

What are your favourite gym leggings?



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