Workout Wednesday- Abs

One of my favourite parts of my body to workout is my abs, although not that visible your abs are used in pretty much every movement you make, having a strong core not only keeps you stable but helps to get a strong, confident posture (lets face it we all have bad posture!). In this post i’ll be sharing my favourite ab movement of all time the bicycle crunch!!

The bicycle crunch been voted best ab exercise of all time by the ACE (American council on exercise) as it works not only the upper and lower abs but the obliques at the same time! You only need to do a few reps of the bicycle crunch to feel that burning sensation in your abdominal muscles! I feel bicycle crunches work best as being incorporated as part of a circuit session but they can be performed as lone exercises.

How to perform the bicycle crunch

  •  Start by lying on the floor with your arms and legs straight
  • Place both hands behind your head taking care not to put pressure on your head
  • Lift one leg up, bending the knee towards the chest
  • Whilst twisting start guiding your opposite arm towards the leg that is bent, don’t worry about getting the elbow and knee to meet!
  • Lower the arm and leg whilst bringing the opposite two limbs to mirror the movement.

And that’s it! Not only is the bicycle crunch simple to perform but it is effective! Try incorporating into your workouts at least once per week!

Why not share your favourite ab exercise below?

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  1. Having a strong core will help you in so many different exercises! Oh man, I am the worst at abs but still force myself to do them, where it’s not bad afterwards. Thanks for sharing the steps for bicycle crunches! I’m more of a Russian twist kind of person, hehe.

    Nancy ♥

  2. Abs are what I enjoy the most! I’ve always struggled with bicycle crunches though – very intense!

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