Pinch of nom- recipe review

It’s finally the start of February hurrah! I hope you have all achieved your goals you set for January! One of my main goals for the start of this new year has been to start eating healthier, not on a diet as such but just making more healthier decisions and start to lead a healthier lifestyle. As mentioned in last week’s post I’m going to start to do recipe reviews.  This week I’ve trialled A Pinch Of Nom’s Spaghetti Bolognese 

One of my main weakness’s in life is Italian food I could literally eat it for the rest of my life!! If you want anything from me just give me garlic bread and I’d be happy to oblige!! Anyway, I wanted something that was quick, simple and didn’t require much in terms of ingredients.

It’s packed to the rafters with vegetables half of which aren’t even noticeable once all mixed together great if you aren’t much of a veg fan! I omitted to taking the mushrooms out as i’m not a fan but you can always swap some of the veg if it doesn’t take your fancy! It takes around 40 minutes to fully cook but half of that is just simmering so pour yourself a gin and sit back! Not only was it easy to make but it tasted amazing!! Containing only 350 kcals per portion and zero syns on slimming world!! Best of it yet if you make too much you can freeze the rest and save it for another time!

Fi Fuels Fitness rating- 8/10



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