Pinch of nom – recipe review!

So after the Christmas indulge I’ve spent this month trying to start eating healthier! Something the majority of us all try to achieve but with all the leftover chocolates and alcohol it’s been hard! I recently stumbled across an amazing website called a pinch of nom, it’s based around slimming world but it’s all healthy, easy to make recipes! This week I’ve trialled 2 of their recipes, I’m going to be reviewing one each week!

Pinch Of Nom- Cottage pie

This recipe was simple, easy to follow and best of yet is freezable! Perfect for batch cooking, with only a few simple ingredients, now I’m no cook but it only took around 20 minutes to prep and 30 minutes to cook in the oven. I cooked the cottage pie without the optional xanthan gum. I was seriously impressed how tasty it was! With 465 calories per serving and zero syns on slimming world! I’ll pop a link to the recipe below! You can find all the cooking instructions and ingredients, Be sure to check out their amazing healthy recipes!

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