How to stay focused!

Lets be honest staying focused and on track can be difficult when it comes to staying fit, we all have our down days where we want to snuggled up on the sofa watching films and eating junk food and that’s fine! I think you need some rest days to just let yourself unwind. But staying focused and determined helps us achieve our goals quicker and helps us stay on track! So how do you stay focused on your goal? Every individual is different for me i find looking at pictures of how i want to look helps to keep me focused but for some people it may be looking at quotes or listening to music. I’d suggest trying a variety of ways and see what works best for you! Overall I find visualising your end goal the best motivator, when you feel like you can’t do that final rep or eat that avocado salad thinking of your final end goal helps to push you forwards.

I’d love to know what keeps you focused? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

How to stay focused

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