How to deal with injuries

Recently I’ve been dealing with a knee injury, I’ve had minor injuries before now mainly foot injuries but when it came to muscle injuries I didn’t know where to start! After thorough research I’ve come up with the top 3 things to do when you get injured!

1. If you can’t walk on it don’t run on it, this might sound like common sense but often people think they can push through the injury and carry on as normal but in fact not only can this make your injury worse but can increase your recover time if in doubt rest!

2. Heat or ice? Now there is very conflicting information on whether to ice an injury or apply heat. Ice reduces swelling causing vasoconstriction of the blood vessels thus reducing bleeding into the surrounding tissues and can reduce muscle spasm and pain. Where as heat relaxes and loosens the tissue, stimulating blood flow. Never use heat if the injured area is swollen as it will only increase the swelling.

3. Look after yourself! Again this may seem like common sense but by getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated and eating well you allow your body to recover quicker by providing the correct nutrients and allowing your body to rest!

Hopefully you don’t need to follow the above advice, but if you do trust me your body will thank you for it!

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  1. These are really great and sensible suggestions Fi. I definitely agree, resting is so important and good nutrition can help with healing too. I hope your knee makes a speedy recovery, take care and thanks for sharing your tips <3 xx

    Bexa |

  2. Great suggestions here! I tend to google and self diagnose, which is definitely not the right course haha, always end up thinking the worst! I fractured my ankle really badly a few years ago and your tips were pretty much accurate! Thanks for sharing xx

    – Rumaanah

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