Changing your diet

Right now in the UK obesity is at its highest, junk food is everywhere you turn with tempting flavours and its cheap, a lot cheaper than fruit and veg on occasions. I’m not going to lie and pretend I’m not a junk food lover because I am. Actually up until around a year ago that’s pretty much all I ate. There was hardly any nutrition in any of the meals I ate and it definitely wasn’t doing any good for my health. So last year I decided to make a change, to try and eat more fruit and veg and change my diet. Now i’m not going to make out as though it is easy and great and you’ll feel like a million dollars as soon as you change your diet but slowly you start to notice the difference, I certainly did! I hate the word ‘diet’ as it sounds so boring so i like to think of my change in diet more as a change in lifestyle.  Throughout this blog i’m going to be sharing small, simple ways in how to change your diet without cutting out the food you love. Often getting fitter and healthier comes down to strong willpower and determination (luckily I have that on abundance most days!) But if you don’t I’ll also be sharing tips on how to motivate yourself. So if you want to change your lifestyle please follow my blog for the latest posts!

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